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Why carry a charger around, when you can have it apart of your waterbottle?

Our Customers

Brian Price

"If one word could sum up Electribottle, it would be 'dedicated'. They are committed to the idea of satisfying customers and I love that aspect about them. Charges my Google Pixel!"

Emily Lanes

"A water bottle phone charger! With the USB on the side I was even able to charge my sons GoPro! At first I was unsure of the water resistance, but when I kicked it into the pool it never stopped working!"

Ryan Spade

"I ordered this waterbottle off of Electribottle impulsively late at night. I somewhat regretted my decision until it came in the mail. My iPhone XS charged super fast also my Nikon camera, which I am very impressed with Electribottle's charging device flexibility."

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