Enclosed in this package you will find one Electribottle and one charging cord. Electribottle can be charged with any USB port via computer or wall outlet. Please note that some USB ports charge slower than others and charging times will vary. 
Your Electribottle was fully charged before shipment.
To turn on Electribottle:
Hold Electribottle in either your right or left hand. Rub the palm of your hand over the black plastic bottom of the bottle. The touch sensor in the bottom of the bottle will turn on the bottle once activated. (Note: Be sure to move your hand back and forth over the entire bottom of bottle) A small blue light next to the lightning bolt will turn on and then turn red when the bottle is ready to charge. Electribottle will turn itself off after one minute of inactivity.
If you are still having trouble please refer to our chat section on Electribottle.co
To charge your device:
Whether charging with the enclosed cord, your own cord, or by wireless charge the process is the same. Turn on Electribottle as noted above and look for the blue light which will turn to red indicating Electribottle is booted up and ready to go. 
Wireless Charging works for all devices that are able to be charged via wireless ability. Note some charging cords are incompatible for Electribottle, please chat with our team if you have any questions.
To use the cord…
Remove black plug from USB port, insert cord and plug into your phone, the light will stay red for cord charging. Once your phone is charged, remove cord and replace black plug into port.
To use wireless charge…
Place your phone face down on a flat surface and rest Electribottle on the back of your phone. (Phone case may need to be removed depending on thickness.) Once your phone is charged, simply take Electribottle off of your phone.
Note:  The light will turn blue to indicate Electribottle it is charging your device. Wireless charging must be stationary, corded charging can be done on the go. Electribottle will shut off automatically when removed.
Recharge Electribottle when needed. 
Recharging Electribottle with wireless technology will be in version 2.0
Cleaning Electribottle:
Cleaning Electribottle cannot get any easier - be sure that the black rubber plugs are securely inserted into their ports. Gently wash and rinse Electribottle with any soap or stainless cleaning detergent you would normally use. Electribottle is IP67 waterproof and is able to get wet (lightly), but do not force water into ports or submerge Electribottle in water for long periods of time.
Electribottle Facts:
3,000MaH – Capable of recharging most phones on the market.
IP67 Water resistant – Electribottle can take a splash, or a quick drop in the pool, but remember to have plugs in for the best water protection. 
Hot/Cold – Electribottle can keep your coldest drinks cold, and your hottest drinks hot, as it is double insulated stainless steel.
We are offering a one year warranty on Electribottle. This warranty does not include any damage done to Electribottle by dropping, or submerging the electronics in water.