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  • Show casing Electribottle, a device charging phone, that is able to charge any device via USB or wireless charging.



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- Stainless Steel - Double Insulated 

- 12 Inches Tall

- 3000 MaH Capacity

- IP67 Water Resistance (Can be Submerged)

- Temperature Ability -10°F to 170°

- Keep Drinks Both Hot & Cold

- 16oz

- Wireless Phone Charging

- Cord Charging Option Built-In

- Hand-Wash Only

- 1 Year Replacement Warranty


Electribottle is the first of its kind, Electribottle is able to charge your phone, camera, GoPro and so much more through your everyday water bottle. Phones that can be wirelessly charged can take advantage of its wireless charging feature, for all other phones and devices there is a USB port that can be used. 

Worried about getting it wet? Don't be, Electribottle is water resistant. Take it to the beach, on the boat, drop it in a pool, or even better wash it in the sink. 


Not only is ElectriBottle outstanding, but our shipping is as well.

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